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How to Sharpen a Circular Saw Blade

Have your circular saw blades gone blunt? Are they not cutting like before? Here are a few easy tricks to get the blade running at optimum levels again. One of the most important things to do, once you own a circular saw, is to make sure that you take proper care of this tool and […]

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How to Use a Circular Saw like a Pro!

Are you new to woodworking? Never used a circular saw before? Here are a few tips and steps to get you started on the right foot. A circular saw is one of the most basic woodworking tools which every carpenter or builder should own if they want to make angled cuts easily and quickly. The […]

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How to Use a Compound Miter Saw

Have you recently bought a compound miter saw for your workshop but not sure how to use it? Here’s everything you need to know. A compound miter saw is one of the most versatile tools which can be used to make clean crosscuts on wood stock and can also be used to make bevel cuts by […]

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